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Wedding Dance Lessons

For your magic, romantic wedding dance moment, enjoy your first dance as husband and wife in a special moment dance. We can teach you that perfect dance for your wedding day.

Basic Package - $225

For couples with limited time or prior dance experience
3 Private lessons
(includes choreography)

Standard Package - $375

This package is designed for beginner couples with limited dance experience with the proper amount of time and the desire to look elegant.
5 Lessons
(includes choreography)

Deluxe Package - $575

This package is for beginner couples who want to learn social dancing beyond your special moment dance.
8 lessons
(includes choreography)
+ basic steps for two other dances

Ultimate Package - $990

4 Lessons - bride & groom
(includes choreography)
+ 3 Lessons - mother/son dance
+ 3 Lessons - father/daughter dance
+ 5 Lessons - wedding party

CAll (480) 777-8877 for your lessons.