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Photo of Dance Instructor, Robert Campos

Dance Instructors
Robert Campos

Robert is a 5 time Grand Champion in the U.C.W.D.C. Country circuit and has won many other dance competitions throughout his career. Robert has over 18 years of teaching experience which includes Ballroom, Country, and Swing.

Why choose Robert for your private lessons? 1) he is patient, 2) he is very encouraging, and 3) he will provide you with techniques and styling while making you a better leader/follower on the dance floor. He enjoys teaching both individuals and couples.

When not giving private lessons, Robert also hosts various group classes during the week, including the best mid-week West Coast Swing group lesson and dance on Tuesday nights. Group lessons are open to everyone, and no partner is required. Just show up and join the fun. If you would like to schedule private lessons with Robert, please contact Paragon at (480) 777-8877.