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Photo of Dance Instructor, Laina Lee

Dance Instructors
Laina Lee

With over 25 years of dance experience, Laina has taught numerous couples and individuals the joy of dancing. From Country to Hustle to wedding dance lessons she loves sharing her passion of dance! Laina keeps current through attending on-going workshops and professional instruction, while continuing to be a competitive dancer and performer. Renegade Ropers is her performing and competitive Line Dance Team.

Most recently she received First Place in Jack n Jill Touring Two Step at Arizona Dance Classic in August 2013.

Check out Laina's website:
East Valley Kickers Meet Up:

- Country/Progressive 2-Step
- Country/Arizona 2-Step
- New York Hustle
- West Coast Swing
- East Coast Swing
- Cha Cha
- Waltz
- Night Club 2-Step
- Salsa
- Rumba

Laina Lee is the instructor for Line Dancing classes at 5pm on Sundays. Laina is also one of the hosts for Country Rain & Dance Sesation, which occur every other Saturday at 7:30pm at Paragon Dance Center.