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Dance Instructor, Carmen Mattei

Dance Instructors
Carmen Mattei

Carmen began his dance training in 2000. He later began dancing country and swing with his wife Marnie, and started competing in the United Country Western Dance Council circuit in 2004. Together, they hold 10 UCWDC World titles including the most recent 2016 Couples Crown Classic and Crown Showcase. Carmen is a certified judge and has coached numerous students to win their own titles in ProAm and Couples competitions.

Carmen enjoys sharing his love of dance with students of all experience levels. He has a passion for helping beginners as well as competitive dancers. He holds an engineering degree and uses a structured approach with students to build strong foundational skills to accelerate their dance ability.

The dances that Carmen teaches include:
- Progressive 2-Step
- Night Club 2-Step
- West Coast Swing
- East Coast Swing
- Waltz
- Cha Cha
- Polka
- Triple 2-Step
- Arizona 2-Step